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Established in 2021 during the era of the Great Resignation, The Trellis Project is a purpose-driven company dedicated to crafting enjoyable and memorable team-building experiences for corporate teams through volunteerism. 


At The Trellis Project, we believe that a thriving team, much like the flourishing plants in a garden, is nurtured by a strong support system. Our mission is to provide that support by partnering with humanitarian non-profit organizations and offering purpose-driven team-building experiences that lay the foundation for growth. Just as a trellis guides and sustains plants, our carefully crafted events and expert project management weave the threads of teamwork into a cohesive and resilient unit.

Inspired by our tagline, "Water the Grass" we are committed to fostering a corporate culture where teams flourish through genuine engagement, collaboration, and meaningful contributions to their communities. By cultivating these connections, The Trellis Project empowers teams to create a beautiful and impactful network of support within the corporate world, ensuring that the grass is always greener where we water it—one team-building event at a time.

We believe the grass is greener where you water it. The Trellis Project unites individuals, teams, and companies in a shared vision of making their company a better place to work—one team-building experience at a time. This philosophy is ingrained in every aspect of our approach and drives us to create transformative experiences.